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#Wexit Group Applies To Become Official Political Party As Movement Gains Steam

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Photo: Preston Brownschlaigle / Wexit Alberta / Facebook

A new separatist movement, in favour of “Wexit”, may soon become a recognized federal party.

On Monday, a group behind the “Western Exit” movement applied to become a real party. The application includes more than 500 signatures, surpassing the minimum of 250 signatures to apply.

“We’re going to do for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois does for Quebec,” the group founder Peter Downing said.

The movement is growing and now has more than 30,000 likes on the Wexit Alberta Facebook page.

About 700 people attended a rally in Edmonton over the weekend, wearing blue “Make Alberta Great Again” hats.

The group leader said Wexit has three main goals:

  • To unify western provinces
  • Elect members of parliament to legislate issues that directly impact the west
  • and to “bring Western Canadian nations to national forefront.”

Downing ran federally in 2015 with the Christian Heritage Party and said he has worked with federal Conservative Party boards, before.

Prior to that, he was an RCMP officer, where he was suspended for threatening his ex-wife.

Downing, however, denied that the suspension ever happened.

The group is holding more rallies in Alberta, including one in Calgary, November 16.

The website includes a link for Wexit in B.C.. (Conservatives won the popular vote in B.C..) And while, there are no rally dates set for our province yet, it looks like there may be ones in the future.

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