Someone Accidentally Donated $85,000 to Vancouver’s Value Village

Value village cart

An extra generous donation by accident.

A Vancouver Value Village was surprised, to say the least, to find a donated bag containing a large amount of money.

“It was in excess of $85,000,” the store manager, Jeffrey Stonehouse said. Normally when money is donated it tends to be pocket change.

Value Village has a company policy to tally up money donated and call the police. They had found documents within the bag that pointed to the owner of the money. The store is working with the police to get it to the right person.

The money that was found was in old bills, one dating back to 1988.

According to police, the money was apparently stashed away by an elderly woman who has now moved into a care home. The family of the woman has been contacted and sorting out power of attorney so that the money can be returned.

Value Village is a thrift store which accepts various types of donations.


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