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70% Of BC Believes Donald Trump Will Be Bad For Canada, If Elected

Vancouver Woman Calls To Boycott Trump Tower After Anti-Muslim Remarks - 70% Of BC Believes Donald Trump Will Be Bad For Canada, If Elected

He might have swanky new tower going up in Vancouver, but that didn’t win the hearts of British Columbians who voted Donald Trump “bad” for Canada if elected as U.S. President in a recent poll released by Insights West on August 31.

According to the poll insights, the Donald is least liked in B.C. and Ontario, ironically the only two provinces with Trump Towers. 70 per cent of British Columbians, and 65 per cent of Ontario residents voted against the Republican leader with concerns about his leadership.

A mere 15% of British Columbians believe Trump’s presidency would be “good” for Canada.

Trump’s strongest supporting province is Alberta, where 21% of the polled residents believe the business tycoon will be good for Canadians.

Perhaps Trump’s biggest competitor, Hilary Clinton, is the most popular choice across Canada, with 55% of Canadians voting her “good”. In British Columbia, just over half (53%) believe her presidency would be good for Canada.

Who are you supporting in the upcoming election? Does it even matter? Share your two cents in the comments below.
Image via Gage Skidmore

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