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You Can Now Order Slurpees And Other 7 Eleven Treats Right To Your Doorstep

7 Eleven

Photo: 7 Eleven Canada / Facebook

Ever wanted a Slurpee so much but been way to lazy or unable to move?

All that is changing today. 7 Eleven just announced that they are partnering with a Canadian delivery app called Nomme to bring you all of the treats you desire right to your door.

Not only will you be able to sip slurpees in your pyjamas, but you can order a variety of other snacks. Some of these include fresh fruit, candy, piping hot crispy chicken wings, and water.

Even if you’re having a sick day and can’t leave the house, the menu also includes items such as Tylenol and other essentials. 


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Currently, the service is available in Richmond, British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta.

After the initial launch, the supplier plans to expand to other markets across Canada in the near future. 

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