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7-Eleven Locations in British Columbia May Start Serving Alcohol Soon

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Thanks to its chicken and pizza offerings, 7-Eleven has begun serving alcohol in one North Edmonton location. This marks the projects journey west across Canada. The original pilot was first tested in Ontario a year ago with the hopes of a national expansion.

It is the fact that 7-Eleven sells hot food for dine-in, that makes it eligible for a liquor licence in the country.

Liquor at these testing locations can be consumed on site or taken home and reactions to the news is mixed.

Some say 7-Eleven is taking advantage of a loophole offered to struggling restaurants to allow for liquor sales along with food take-out. 

Alberta residents are also concerned that kids will be able to buy alcohol; however, 7-Eleven already sells cigarettes and its staff are trained on age-related sales.

The Alberta Liquor Store Association did a poll and found 75% of Albertans are not in support of this offering. To date however, no one has made an official complaint.

7-Eleven says the move has been well received by customers in store. 

A year ago we reported on this same phenomenon, but in Ontario. Since then the concept has got closer.

Could B.C. be next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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