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Your Local 7-Eleven May Start Serving Alcohol Soon

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7-Eleven is thinking about becoming even more convenient, if that is possible.

The convenience store giant is testing out alcohol services in some of their Canadian stores. The launch will start first in Ontario, and if successful, it may be offered in other provinces including British Columbia.

Currently, 7-Eleven Canada is awaiting approval for liquor sales licences that would allow the in-store service of beer and wine at 61 locations.

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7-Eleven’s Alcohol Service Plan

The plan is to have trained servers offering the alcoholic beverages. The alcohol itself will be limited to beer and wine that is locally made. There would be limited hours for this service and it would be available only in designated consumption areas of the stores. 

7-Eleven says the alcoholic drinks would complement its recent push of hot foods. The chain has been advertising their increased offering of fresh foods and even delivery. 


The offering of alcohol in combination with promotional bundles for fried chicken and pizza seems to go hand in hand.

No Stranger To Age-Related Sales

In reality, 7-Eleven is not new to selling and controlling access to age-restricted products. They already offer cigarettes and this would be an extension of that.

James Rilett, Restaurants Canada VP, did acknowledge that safety policies will have to be in place. “There’ll probably be some hiccups along the way. They’re an innovative company, so hopefully, they’ll be able to address them,” he states. 


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