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62% Vote ‘NO’ In The Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum

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The 2015 Transit referendum was one of the more interesting referendums the lower mainland has had in quite some time. While the Mayor’s council of metro Vancouver pushed hard to drum up ‘yes’ votes, 62% of metro Vancouverites have voted NO on the $7.5-billion regional transportation plan.

In short, the plan would fund major infrastructure projects, and included an overhaul on the current state of transit in Vancouver. The Mayor’s council proposed a 0.5% ‘Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax’ in order to get the plan going, but there was immediate backlash from local residents.

Voting for the transit plebiscite took place from March 16 to the end of May. The results were finally released this morning and showed that out of 759,696 ballots cast in the mail-in plebiscite, 61.7 per cent voted NO and 38.4 per cent voted yes.

In the results below, you’ll notice the votes were nearly split 50/50 in the City of Vancouver, whereas Surrey voters were most opposed to the new tax.

62% Vote ‘NO’’ In The Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum

While the Mayor’s council still plans to pursue plans by other means, the voters have spoken and sent a clear message on their thoughts towards our transit system.

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