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$240,000 Lamborghini Spotted With An “L” In Vancouver

$240,000 Lamborghini Spotted With “L” In Vancouver

$240,000 Lamborghini Spotted With “L” In Vancouver

Luxury vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, primarily in the downtown core of Vancouver. Seeing a Lamborghini driving down Granville isn’t exactly a new scene anymore, but noticing a Lamborghini with a red “L” on the back will probably make you look twice.

A white Lamborghini Huracan was recently spotted parked along South Granville with a red learners sign on the back. This is the second time within a year a Lamborghini has been seen with a “L” in Vancouver.

While we don’t know who the driver is and how old they are, we do know the Lamborghini Huracan has a base price $241,945, making it one expensive vehicle to practice your driving skills.

Just last winter, VPD ticketed and towed a different Lamborghini Huracan for excessive speeding on Cambie.


Image via @Bigearlthepearl / Twitter

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