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2013 BMW 7 Series: Revised With Power & Comfort

The new BMW 7 Series is set to reinforce its position as the most innovative sedan in the luxury segment: the flagship model flaunts new LED headlights, upgraded interior, optimised soundproofing, and state-of-the-art safety technology- not to forget its new customized digital display that permits choice of four different modes, a characteristic feature noted in the BMW 5 series as well. Talk about its heart and it gets a transplant: new and comprehensively revised engines which are extremely economical and low on emissions forms the base of it all that channel its power through an intelligent eight-speed automatic transmission. Plus, unlike its predecessor, every driving assistance in the new 7 has been revised to save fuel.

An impressive spread of chassis wizardry helps give the ride comfort of the BMW 7 Series Sedan a noticeable boost.


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