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10 Vancouver Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For Ladies

10 Vancouver Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For Ladies

Halloween is right around the corner which means you need a costume right now! Instead of choosing something typical online, why not be patriotic and show off your Vancouver pride? We’ve compiled a list of 10 Vancouver inspired Halloween costume ideas for women below. Don’t forget to check out our mens version for your guy friends.



The rich Yaletown-er

We all know them. They are spotted around Yaletown daily; the rich women. They can be spotted with their designer products from a mile away. If you want to look as though you’ve just left your lush apartment overlooking the city, grab all of your designer things. If you don’t have designer pieces, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on your costume, try Value Village. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, print out some labels and tape them on your clothes for the night. Make sure you have your Louis Vuitton purse and tiny dog to boot.


10 Vancouver Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For Ladies

 The yoga/fitness fanatic

These women are decked out from head to toe in lululemon. Sticking to the local roots, this brand is spotted on many of the yoga and fitness fanatics around Stanley Park. Let’s be honest, every women in Vancouver probably has at least one full Lululemon outfit tucked away in their closet. I know I do. If so, this costume is easy to put together. If you have Nikes, this will complete your look, however, any runners will work. Want to go full out? Put a water bottle or yoga mat in your hand.



This stereotype works for both men and women. For a woman to pull this off, make sure your hair is long and unruly. You can add flowers, the occasional dreadlock and lots of braids. For the clothing, you can wear a baggy t-shirt, or a lace/crochet crop top, with some ripped high waisted denim shorts. If shorts aren’t your style, throw on a loose fitting white dress. Now you will fit right in on Main Street.


 The Paddleboarder

Sticking with the fitness theme, the paddleboarder is always found in Vancouver. Whether it be paddleboarding or paddleboard yoga, these women can be found endlessly around English Bay, False Creek and Sunset Beach. There are a few ways to make this costume work. You can either wear a wetsuit or throw on your favourite bikini. You can also carry around a towel in case you get cold. To complete this outfit, grab a paddle board, or just a paddle for the night.


Starbucks cup

Whether you are going as a couple, or dressing by yourself, a Starbucks cup fits Vancouver well. If you are going with a guy, check out the barista costume above, if not, you can rock this costume solo. There are two ways to do this. One, you can order a Starbucks cup costume online, or make one with a white dress and cardboard. Two, you can wear a tight white dress and print the starbucks logo in the middle. This is a cute way to show your Vancouver side, without being in your face.


10 Vancouver Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For Ladies

The Real Housewives Of Vancouver

Going out with a bunch of girlfriends? Why not dress as the Real Housewives of Vancouver.     For this costume, you will need six to eight friends. If you want the newer cast, you will need to dress as Jody, Ronnie, Mary, Amanda, Loulia and Robin. If you want to add the older cast in your costume, you will need to dress as Christina and Reiko. To be the Real Housewives, you’ll need to wear the best of the best, or at least look like you are. If you are going full out and acting like your costumes all night, make sure you think your the best person in the room. You and your girlfriends will win best costume of the night.


10 Vancouver Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For Ladies

Cobie Smulders

Sticking with celebrities, Cobie Smulders is a Vancouver born actress. She is best known for her roles on How I Met Your Mother and Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.  For this costume, I recommend dressing as one of her characters from either television show. If you are going for a look from HIMYM, you can either dress as Robin Sparkles, her alter-ego, or deck yourself out in Canucks gear. If you are more into the Marvel franchise, you can pull your hair back and put on a skin tight black jumpsuit. You are now ready to be mistaken for one of our homegrown talents.


Marijuana Activist Sends Christy Clark Pot In The Mail

Christy Clark

If you like to make a statement and be quite controversial, why not dress up as our premier, Christy Clark? If you’re a fan, wear that pantsuit proud and hold a sign asking for votes. Not a her biggest fan but want to make a statement? Why not throw on that pantsuit and hold a sign asking for taxes, or asking the teachers to end their strike (yes, I know that is over but it was recent). If this your costume of choice, make sure you are rocking a short wig, or style your own short hair just as hers.


Rain Gear

Raincouverites, I mean Vancouverites, our city is known for its wet weather and drastic changes. Not only is our weather always changing, we are always talking about it. To play on this stereotype deck yourself out in a bright yellow raincoat, rain boots and an umbrella. Yes, you could be mistaken as Debbie Reynolds out of Singing in the Rain, but we do that daily, right? If you want to play on this stereotype more, make your own weather report and carry it around with you telling everyone you see the nightly weather.


10 Vancouver Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For Ladies


When us Vancouverites aren’t talking about the weather or the city, we are talking about the best place to get some sushi. If you are tired of revealing costumes, this could be the one for you. What you will need is cardboard, foam, white and black fabric, felt and balloons. First, cut two pieces of cardboard the size of your torso. Next you put white fabric on the cardboard and roll the black fabric around the outside. You have now made your sushi roll. Make sure you cut out holes for your head and arms. To make this more creative put foam over the white fabric and cut out felt to represent the fish in the roll. Lastly, the balloons. Blow up orange balloons and put them on top of the roll. You have now made your very own handmade sushi roll costume. (image via bringaballoon)



What costumes do you think bring out Vancouver or play on Vancouver stereotypes? Let us know in our comments!


Written by: Megan Renaud

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