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10 Shocking Photos From The Metro Vancouver Windstorm

10 Shocking Photos From The Metro Vancouver Windstorm

Wrapping up a relatively calm and sunny summer, Vancouver was rocked with monster winds this past weekend, knocking down trees and hydro poles, ultimately leaving over 200,000 people across the lower mainland without electricity for up to 24 hours.

Although the rain was predicted, the windstorm was uncalled for.

The winds gusting up to 90 kilometres an hour also forced numerous road closures as trees were ripped from their roots and blocked off streets, resulting in hours of delays for drivers. Public transit users were also affected, as skytrain delays were already in place, and further extended after trees were thrown onto the track, heavily damaging one of the trains.

The windstorm has been labelled the largest south coast storm in a decade. Below are 10 shocking photos of the windstorm’s damage.

Featured photo via The Weather Network

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