10 Best Restaurants in New West

Best Restaurants in New West

New West is home to more than just a beautiful Quay and quirky antique shops. The food scene will make your mouth water with everything from tangy Thai to monstrous burritos. Get your forks ready foodies, here are the tastiest places to dine in New Westminster!

Best Restaurants in New West

Best Restaurants in New West

Longtail Kitchen is located at 116-810 Quayside Drive. This place screams authentic, yet modern Thai cuisine. Named after Thailand water taxis, Longtail Kitchen highlights succulent seafood dishes true to the Thai way. Their Pad Thai is a local favourite with fresh, homemade sauces. Try the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce – it’s one of our must-eats!


Best Restaurants in New West

Burger Heaven is located at 77 10th Street. It may as well be located above the clouds because the burgers literally taste heavenly. Not only do they feature a delicious burger each week, they have a Mile High burger challenge that dares burger junkies to take on two and a half pounds of meat stacked 8 patties high. Every time someone finishes this beast, an angel gets its wings (aka your photo goes up on the wall of fame). Try to tackle it today!


Best Restaurants in New West

The Spud Shack Fry Co. is located at 352-800 Carnarvon Street within the skytrain station. This poutine palace is SO delicious, we’ve written multiple reviews about it (our latest one is here). If you’re looking for a new take on a classic, this is the shack you’ve been searching for. We highly recommend their Baked Potato poutine – it’s sizzlin’ with huge strips of bacon, yum!



Taqueria Playa Tropical is located at 334-6th Street. Boy, does this Mexican food haven make a mean burrito! We highly recommend you try the Alambre burrito – it’s stuffed with grilled chicken breast, cheese, green peppers, and onions. Add beans and rice for just $1, you’ll thank us later. The portions are HUGE, so bring your pals or an empty belly.


Best Restaurants in New West

Big Star Sandwich Company is located at 664 Columbia Street. Within a few quick years, this sandwich shop has made its mark in New West as a local favourite. Their sandwiches are so tasty, so fresh and unique with the option to add Hickory Sticks to any order. We all love to throw some crunchy chips in our sandwiches, but Big Star made it socially acceptable in public. Simple sandwiches made simply delicious!


Best Restaurants in New West

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips is located at 66-10th Street. Want all-you-can eat Fish & Chips for just $9.95? Well, Cockney Kings is the place to rest your fishing rod (Mondays-Wednesdays special). This place is as close as it gets to the real deal British-style fish and chips. Dine in or take out, these fried fishies are tasty no matter where you eat them!


Best Restaurants in New West

Angelina’s  is located at 960 Quayside Drive. Breakfast and a quayside view, Angelina’s boasts beautiful breakfast items that will keep your mouth watering for days after consumption. Breakfast is one of our favourite meals and this place definitely earns our stamp of approval. You have to try the Yummy Hash – a sweet medley of hash browns, green peppers, tomatoes, corn, onions with your choice of meat (or vegetarian options), topped with organic free range eggs and cheese. Angelina’s is a great reason to get out of bed in the morning!



Tamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine is located at 628-6th Avenue. If you have yet to taste Malaysian food, you’re in for a real treat at Tamarind. This local hot spot is praised for cooking up traditional favourites like Laksa, Roti Canai and Satay. Comparable to Thai food, Malaysian dishes are full of noodles, rice and a wonderful meat selection – try them today, their lunch and dinner specials are cheap, delicious eats!



Anny’s Dairy Bar is located at 722-6th Street. This place has one of the best swirly cones you will ever taste: The Maple Twist Cone. Seriously, this ice cream is too good to put into words. It’s maple-goodness twisted with a soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Other fan favourites include the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich and ‘Montreal Style’ Hotdogs. Anny’s is the perfect place to bring your family for authentic French-Canadian fast food.


Best Restaurants in New West

Hi Sushi Japanese is located at 881 Carnarvon Street. We realize there are more Sushi spots in and around the 604 than Starbucks (not really, but close), yet Hi Sushi is definitely worth the mention. Word on the street is the OMG Roll will make say, “Oh my god, that’s amazing!” They even named a roll after Lady GaGa. Hi Sushi, we like you a lot.


People of the 604, get your mouths ready for some chewing because these fabulous places will make you wish your stomach was an endless pit!


Written by: Crystal Scuor

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  • Been to a few of these…Wild Rice could be on this list too?

  • amaroo


  • BbyVtr

    I always enjoy the La Spaghetteria on 6th St. They are great for larger groups. http://www.laspaghetteria.ca/

  • MDM2013

    I have been to most of these places, and while I thought they were good, I was hoping to find more than this in New West. But these same names keep popping up on everyone’s list. Am I missing something? The Quay seems to have so much potential but it is missing something. I remember there used to be a fresh fish and produce market when I was younger. What happened? Surely there is enough support for this kind of market. I have lived here for about a year now and I love it but there just seems to be something missing. Is it the size of New West?

  • I definitely feel “Patsara” needs to be on this list! The outdoor shabbiness does no justice to the awesome interior reno they did and still provide reasonable prices for regular Thai cuisine