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Zellers Comes Back With A New Pop-Up And People Are Excited


Photo: @erikwthackrey98 / Instagram

If you thought Zellers was gone for good, think again.

A pop-up store recently launched in Ontario which made fans of the store beyond excited to see. Not only that, but the Hudsons Bay Company has hinted that more Zellers pop-ups could follow.


The pop-up launched at Burlington Centre near Toronto, Ontario was and was set-up on the second floor of the Hudson’s Bay store. The space dedicated to this old store is indicated by red floor tape.

Though not everything is back, within a few aisle, you will feel like you are back in those old stores. The products in the area include Canada-themed apparel as well as home goods.

Hudson’s Bay said they set up the space to provide a “fun and nostalgic experience with one of HBC’s most beloved brands.” Hudson’s Bay still owns the rights to the name of the Zellers chain despite a number of stores being sold to Target in the past.

According to Retail Insider, there could be more Zellers pop-ups inside Hudson Bay stores. However, there haven’t been any official details right now.

Hopefully fans in Metro Vancouver can experience it as well someday.


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