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You Will Soon Be Able To Pre-Pay And Access Nearby Vancouver Taxis Online

New eCab App Allows You To Access Nearby Taxi's - You Will Soon Be Able To Pre-Pay And Access Nearby Taxi's Online

With the threat of Uber still lurking in the streets, four Vancouver taxi companies are taking their dispatch system online and joining Paris-based eCab, which will allow local consumers to pre-pay and access the nearest taxi online.

Yellow Cab, Vancouver Taxi, Blacktop, and MacLure’s have all agreed to transfer their dispatch systems to offer customers a better streamlined service, and at the same time battle one of Uber’s biggest competitive advantages. With final arrangements in process, the new system is expected to roll out this summer.

“We agreed to interface with eCab because it’s very important that we are open and reactive to the needs of customers,” says Jon Bracken, president of Richmond-based Digital Dispatch Systems. “This will give passengers another choice and maintains flexibility of payment in regulated, fully insured and licensed taxis.”

Essentially, users will be able to use the app on their mobile devices to call a taxi and track its arrival while they wait. After the ride, invoices are e-mailed to the users. The app also allows users to rate drivers and book a taxi 15-days in advance.

Uber has made continuous efforts to enter British Columbia’s transportation scene since 2012 when it originally debuted as limo service for six months. However, the voices of local taxi companies and provincial regulators have shown tremendous resistance towards the San Francisco-based company’s service.

In November of 2014, B.C. Transportation minister Todd Stone issued a clear warning against Uber attempting to operate illegally in the province and even hired undercover agents for a crackdown.

Just last week, Uber tried to cool things down with Canadian stakeholders and foes including several in Vancouver in an attempt to find a resolution between all parties.

Regardless of Uber future fate in Vancouver’s market, it’s great to see local companies moving towards innovating their services and providing locals the service they deserve.

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