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Winter Tires Required On Select BC Highways Beginning October 1

winter tires

Photo: Kelly Burkhart / Flickr

The BC government will enforce new winter tire regulations beginning Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

Drivers will be required to install winter tires on their vehicles when they travel on the following designated highways across B.C. below


winter tires
Photo: Government of BC
winter tires
Photo: Government of BC

Unpredictable Weather

Weather across the province can change in a blink of an eye and the BC government is well aware of this.

“People may experience sunny and warm conditions when they set out, but run into heavy rain, snow or sleet along the way,” said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire Trevena.

“That’s why it’s important to ensure your vehicle is properly equipped with snow tires with the Mountain Snowflake or Mud and Snow symbol, along with good solid treads”.

You can check if you have winter tires by seeing if they have either the Mountain Snowflake symbol or the Mud and Snow (M+S) symbol. Equally important, they must be in good condition and have at least a minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm.

Motorists who take these designated highways will see signs posted usually at highway mountain passes.

Fine For Not Having Winter Tires

If caught without proper winter tires on these designated routes, the fine is $121. Furthermore, if you don’t have minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm, get ready to fork out another $109.

Winter is slowly approaching so it’s important your vehicle is fully equipped before you head out on the roads.

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