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Whistler’s Secret Tree House: The Hemloft

whistler tree house

whistler tree house

Do you think that tree houses are just for kids? Think again! 31-year-old Joel Allen, a former software designer turned carpenter, built a hidden tree house that sat in an unknown location on Whistler Mountain. The tree house had a unique egg shape to it, and is fully functional with it’s two storeys, sliding glass door, windows and lined roof!

The Whistler tree house was a secret for the past three years, until a friend urged Allen to submit photos of his creation to a popular modern architecture magazine, who featured it on their magazine. Allen calls his tree house “the Hemloft” and agrees that sharing it’s beauty has been a lot of fun, but he is also anxious that if it’s location gets revealed, it may get destroyed or removed.

Allen built the Hemloft on government property, without permission and nearly four years later, the carpenter is taking it down. Mr. Allen listed the dismantled parts of the tree house, on Craigslist, the very site where he acquired most of his supplies.

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