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What To Do On Main Street, Vancouver

What To Do On Main Street, Vancouver

Main Street is one of our absolute favourite places to explore. There are so many things to see, and places to eat down that stretch, especially in the Mount Pleasant Area. No matter the weather or occasion, there’s always something for you to do! Here are a couple of our favourite hunts:

What To Do On Main Street, Vancouver

49th Parallel Café and Lucky’s Doughnuts (2902 Main Street)

49th and Parallel is one of the more well-known coffee houses in Vancouver. Everyone I know speaks positively of 49th and Parallel! I don’t know much about coffee roasting (I like my Starbucks, okay?) but I do love the doughnuts they serve there, and I enjoy going in to soak up the cozy ambience. (Image via modernmixvancouver)


Kafka’s Coffee and Tea (2525 Main Street)

Kafka’s Coffee and Tea is another good place to get coffee on Main Street. It’s spacious and the staff are friendly. They also support local artists by showcasing their work.  It’s a great place to read, do homework, and to go for coffee dates.

What To Do On Main Street, Vancouver

Toshi Sushi (181 E 16th Avenue)

I discovered this tiny restaurant one night by accident, and it is the best thing that has happened to me. This is actually the best sushi I’ve had in Vancouver so far. The salmon they serve is so pink and it’s just perfect. They don’t take reservations, and there’s always a line up, but the wait is worth it. Toshi is one of those restaurants that proves that you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for quality sashimi.


Sunny Spot Café (2543 Main Street)

Sunny Spot Café is a no-frills Chinese café run by a nice elderly couple. They serve inexpensive food from the province of Xi’an, and while I like almost everything on their menu, I believe their pork flatbread hamburgers are a must try.


Miura Waffle and Milk Bar (2521 Main Street)

Miura serves ‘sandos’, which are waffle-sandwiches. What I like about these waffle sandwiches is the fact that I don’t have to use cutlery to eat my waffles– I just use my hands and eat them like a sandwich. They use the kookiest mix of ingredients and flavours– such as vanilla ice cream and teriyaki sauce, but somehow these things taste good together and that’s all that matters, right?  Their milk bar serves delicious shakes and beverages, including alcoholic floats.


F as in Frank (2425 Main Street)

F as in Frank sells vintage clothing, and as a result, most of what’s in store is unique. They also have reworked vintage clothing for sale. It’s always an interesting time shopping here.

What To Do On Main Street, Vancouver

Regional Assembly of Text (3934 Main Street)

Regional Assembly of Text is a little further up on Main Street compared to all these cafes and stores. It is a delightful stationery and gift store. There, you can make your own buttons, use one of their typewriters, and visit their lowercase reading room. They carry the cutest stamps, stationary, and journals! Check out their online store here: www.assemblyoftext.com

Poppytalk (109 East Broadway)

Poppytalk isn’t exactly on Main Street –it’s one block down, on Broadway, but it’s an interesting store and deserves a shout. I followed Poppytalk on Instagram for the longest time, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that they were based in Vancouver. They sell handmade accessories, home and lifestyle supplies, and sometimes hold workshops in their store.  Check out their online store and blog here: www.poppytalk.com

Written by: Sarah C

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