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Watch Out! It’s Officially Crow Dive Bombing Season in Vancouver


The next time you go out for a walk, you may want to keep your eyes on the skies, because it’s crow dive bombing season.

Spring and summer have been dubbed crow dive bombing season because it’s usually this time of year in Vancouver when those cawing creatures start to swoop.

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That is actually due to it being crow nesting season, which means the swooping birds are simply trying to protect their babies.


The SPCA has offered advice, however, as to how you can protect yourself. This is the time of year to take an alternate route to work to avoid known nesting sites.

CrowTrax is a map to help you see where crow attacks have taken place.

The animal rescue association also suggests carrying an umbrella to add some distance between you and the concerned parents.

By July, the SPCA said “the babies are well on their way to independence,” so the swooping birds should be calm by then.

It’s just one more thing to be cautious about when getting out to enjoy the open parks and playgrounds this year.

But just hope none of the crows you run into is this wanted feathered criminal.

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