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VPD Reveals Free Interactive Online Crime Map

VPD Reveals Free Interactive Online Crime Map

While majority of Vancouver streets and neighborhoods are safe, there are a few shady areas that most people typically avoid. Unless you are police officer however, it’s difficult to know the reputation and criminal history of every neighborhood – but that has all changed thanks to VPD’s GeoDash launch.

The new interactive mapping tool shares extensive data on numerous types of crimes, dates, and other incidents within every neighborhoods across Vancouver. The program is completely free and is refreshed every 24 hours. It’s also accessible by mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Everything from break-ins, to car thefts, homicides, and property offenses will be accessible within the app – providing Vancouverites with access to a massive database within seconds. The tool is expected to be very handy in the real estate market, as it can provide potential future homeowners a better idea of what their new neighborhood is like. In addition, VPD hopes GeoDash will inspire residents to participate in neighborhood programs such as Block Watch.

“We realized that the information we were providing to the public was a little bit behind the times,” said Chief Const. Adam Palmer. “It was sort of old fashioned statistical spreadsheets in Excel, crime mapping was done heat maps, stuff like that, and we realized we could improve what we were providing in a more modern platform.”

When developing the program, privacy was a top priority for the VPD, who state the program will not share personal or identifiable information. For example, if there was an assault at a specific house or building, the GeoDash system won’t provide users with an exact address, but only share the closest intersection.

In addition to residential crimes, the program’s GPS feature also helps provide information on past crimes in commercial areas, such as a grocery store parking lot.

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