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Via Tevere – Authentic Neapolitan Pizza In East Van

Via Tevere

Via Tevere

It all started about 9 years ago when I went to Rome for the first time. The city was amazing and the sites were fantastic but what I really remember most about that trip was the fact that I got to eat a whole margherita pizza to myself every day! Since then I have tried dozens of pizza places in Vancouver always on the lookout for the best one. Well, in my opinion I found it at Via Tevere on Victoria Drive! I gave up eating out for Lent (yes – I know! So dumb of me) but my cravings for pizza could no longer be ignored. So on his birthday I decided my boyfriend also wanted pizza and we hit up our favourite spot!

Via Tevere is located on Victoria Drive in a mostly residential area. You can’t miss it though – there are always people waiting outside for a table! I am glad I don’t live close or I would be pushing 500 pounds by now. The menu is not huge but covers an abundance of fresh, Italian cuisine. They even have an appetizer sampler of traditional Neapolitan street food. To start my boyfriend and I shared the arugula and lemon salad. This was served with pieces of parmigiano and red onions. The salad is the perfect size for two people and is always fresh and crisp. The cheese is great and the onions add a nice crunch. For arugula fans this salad is a must try! As a second appetizer (because why not?) we each ordered a meatball. Let me tell you, these are no ordinary size meatballs and are close in size to a tennis ball. They are served in tomato sauce and are to die for. I kept saying to my boyfriend “The resemblance that these meatballs and sauce have to my Nonna’s is scary!”  For those who don’t know “Nonna” is the Italian word for grandmother.

And now – the main event of the evening; Pizza time! As usual, my pizza was perfection. Cooked for exactly 90 seconds in their wood-burning oven, Via Tevere is top notch! Using fresh ingredients, this pizza is the closest to Italy as they come. It is nice and thin (without being too thin) with a thicker, chewy crust which I love. The spotting on the pizza is just right. I honestly have to stop myself from ordering two. But it’s okay – I usually end up finishing my boyfriend’s pie.

Via Tevere

I have to add that although I have never ordered their desserts they look amazing and I think I need to go one day and attempt not to order a pizza so I cannot be too full for dessert. They offer tiramisu, a donut with Nutella, and a flourless chocolate cake. They also have a dessert platter with all three items. I vow next time to get dessert!

The restaurant itself is very clean with the wood-burning fire place in the center so quests can see their pizza being made. It has cool art displayed on the walls with a bit of a minimalist feel. The service I have experienced at Via Tevere has always been friendly and intimate. The waitresses could easily become your friend by the end of the night!

How I was able to write this article without stopping for a pizza break I do not know. If you haven’t checked out Via Tevere, you are missing out on one of Vancouver’s best pizza joints. I can’t stay away from this place for too long, in fact I am thinking how soon is too soon? Oh, and PS: they also have a food truck! It’s located on Burrard and Pender on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:30-2pm. So seriously, there really isn’t any excuse.


By: Micaela Monk

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