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New Vending Machines Dispensing “Safer Drugs” Coming To Vancouver Streets

drug vending machines vancouver

Photo: @MySafeProgram / Twitter

Coming to a street near you is a drug vending machine.

The Canadian government is kicking in $3.5 million towards vending machines that dispense medical-grade opioid drugs to addicted drug users in four major cities: Vancouver (B.C.), Victoria (B.C.), London (Ontario) and Dartmouth (Nova Scotia). 

This is in efforts to prevent overdose deaths. 

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Overdose deaths skyrocketed in B.C. as the pandemic hit due to an increase of domestic drug manufacturing. These drugs were often laced with fentanyl and proved fatal for many users. 

The new machines, called MySafe, would allow users access to a safer drug without the fear, shame and stigma associated with drug use.

How Will The Drug Vending Machines Work?

The machines look like ATMs and will use a palm/hand identity scanner. 

MySafe participants will first be assessed by a doctor, including a urine test. The program already has 20 participants at the first Vancouver site, on the Downtown Eastside. It happens to be right beside an overdose prevention facility.

The machines will dispense hydromorphone tablets and cost $0.32 for an 8mg tablet. As such it provides a cheaper option for these communities. 

For security reasons, the MySafe machines will be bolted to the floor.


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