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Vancouver Ranks Sugar Daddy Capital of Canada

How would you feel having a sugar daddy? If dating men who shower you with lavish gifts and money, an online dating company has found that Vancouver is the place to be!

It was found that Vancouver sugar daddies spend on average $4,307 per month, thats about $1,000 above the Toronto average, making it he highest average across the country.

What exactly is a sugar daddy you might be wondering? Unlike before, sugar daddies were known as older wealthy men, but not the term applies to any single men who have an interest in “adding value” to their partners life in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The average Vancouver sugar daddy is approximately 40 years old and makes $292,506 annually, on average.

Is this whole sugar daddy relationship necessarily a good thing though? Some say its a sad lifestyle for women to live, as they become dependent on men financially when in some cases they have no idea who these men really are.

There are about 3.86 sugar daddies for every 1,000 adult men in Vancouver, and around 5,656 self proclaimed sugar daddies in the Vancouver area.

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