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Vancouver Police To Provide Free Self Defense Classes For Women

Metro Vancouver Police To Host Free Self-Defense Classes For Woman

Police agencies in Vancouver have announced they will be collaborating to host free self defense lessons for women.

In 2014 alone, over 400 sexual offenses were reported in Vancouver, something Police hope to combat and prevent. One of the early initiatives is to offer free workshops year-round at local community centres, high schools, and colleges. The skills taught can be used by anyone who is confronted by a stranger on the streets, or throughout public transportation systems.

The program’s goal is to encourage women to be responsible for their own person safety. The workshops will teach women how to be aware of their surroundings, and simple, yet effective moves to use if physically confronted.

“It is a type of self defence class. We teach them that it’s okay to defend yourself. If somebody has attacked you, they have brought the fight to you, and you have every right to protect yourself.” instructor and Vancouver Police Constable Sandra Glendinning told News 1130.

“A lot of times for women, we learn a little bit differently than men. We’re not as prone to use violence to protect ourselves. We’re the caregivers, we nurture, that’s in our make-up, so we explain to women that it’s okay to protect yourself. You haven’t asked for this. You don’t deserve to be treated that way and somebody can’t come in there and hurt you. We are giving women the permission to protect themselves.”

Given the rate of assaults in the city, we highly encourage women of all ages to attend the self defnse program, and also inform other women of the opportunity.


Image via batonrougemoms

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