Vancouver Approves New World Class Venue for Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

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A request to build a brand new world-class venue to hold concerts and festivals was officially approved by the Vancouver City Council on June 24.

The beloved PNE Amphitheatre will soon be replaced with a new structure. Built in 1966, it hosted many outdoor concerts in Vancouver, however, over the years it has become worn and torn.

The plan is to give the venue a more modern and exciting upgrade that will better suit the city’s growing population and needs. The new theatre should be ready in 2026.

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Councillor Sarah-Kirby Yung took to posting about the amendment approval, which received an unanimous decision by the city.

What Will The New Amphitheatre Have?

The new PNE Amphitheatre at Hastings Park will be covered to allow for all-season entertainment.

There will also be two two-storey buildings with storage space, dressing rooms, box offices, production and security offices, catering and  prep-area kitchen spaces to go along with the concert venue.

PNE Amphitheatre

Current Amphitheatre – Photo: Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)

Right now the theatre can only hold 4,500 seated spectators and 2,500 standing. The new venue will be able to host 9,340 spectators, including 4,500 on bleachers and and increased 4,250 in floor seating, and 590 in VIP areas.

The updated facility will also have bar service, concession, flex space and improved access for all spectators.

PNE amphitheatre

Potential Rending of new Amphitheatre – Photo: Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)

Planning For More Entertaining Outdoor Concerts

What will be unique is that depending on the event, the new theatre will be able to be scalable. That means that depending on the organizer they will be able to change the stage design, the flooring, etc.

As a result of getting this new venue, the annual PNE Fair can increase their shows from five to 49 each year. In addition, it will be a place to host community events, which didn’t exist before.

The theatre should be up and running in 2026 with the current amphitheatre remaining in place until then.

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