Vancouver Filmed ‘Supernatural’ Surpasses ‘Smallville’ As Longest Running Sci-Fi Series

Vancouver Filmed ‘Supernatural’ Surpasses ‘Smallville’ As Long Running Sci-Fi Series

Vancouver Filmed ‘Supernatural’ Surpasses ‘Smallville’ As Long Running Sci-Fi Series

The horror-fantasy-action-adventure-mystery and drama series Supernatural is in the middle of its eleventh season with no signs of slowing down. The series which is filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas has already passed Smallville, which was also filmed in Hollywood North, as the longest-running North American science-fiction series.

The show’s network, The CW, said earlier this year “we have no intention of this being its last season” as long as the ratings hold and the main stars want to continue. The network has yet to renew or cancel the series but fans are optimistic for the award-winning and long-running sci-fi escape.

Principal filming locations in British Columbia have included Buntzen Lake, Cleveland Dam, Heritage Park, Riverview Hospital, St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church and even an old military base.

Along with Supernatural and Smallville, Vancouver has been production-home to a slew of other American fantasy, sci-fi and superhero television series like: Arrow, The Flash, Fringe, Once Upon a Time and of course the X-Files.



Written by: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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