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Vancouver Event Security: How Safe Is Our City From Attacks?

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After the deadliest mass shooting in US history happened on October 1st in Las Vegas, the concern regarding security protocol in major cities has grown immensely.

In addition, Edmonton was rocked late at night on September 30th by the violent attempts of a 30-year-old man. He was just charged with five accounts of attempted murder after he repeatedly stabbed a police officer and struck four pedestrians with a U-haul.


While security measures have always been enforced in Canada during big events, many people are wondering if they are stringent enough.

After the Paris attacks in 2016 extra security measures were enforced through Translink and Vancouver International Airport. There was an increased presence of officers in uniform on public transit, and the airport made people go through additional security checks.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to the attack as “a senseless act of violence,” and implored citizens not to succumb to fear; however, people are growingly concerned for their safety.

Vancouver Event Security

CTV spoke to authorities after the latest attacks transpired to find out what precautions were being taken at big events in Vancouver. They spoke to Ashley Meehan of Genesis Security who said that security measures have dramatically improved within the last five years at major events.

While these  measures are in place, they note that, “public spaces around BC Place and Rogers Arena, surrounded by highrises, are vulnerable to attacks from above, and attacks could happen anywhere.”

With this in mind, Vancouver Police have stepped up their presence and visibility within the city since the attacks. They are taking extra care to investigate any unusual activity, but report that there is no link between the Edmonton attack and Vancouver.

Last year police amped up their presence at big events like Remembrance Day. They had officers with assault riffles on the ground and nearby rooftops monitoring the activities.

Police note that Vancouver is still a very safe city to live in or visit. They ask the public to report any suspicious behaviour to authorities and to always remain aware of their surroundings. 

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