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Vancouver Is Completely Banning Plastic Straws And Foam Cups

Single-Use Plastics

The City of Vancouver has discussed the outright ban of plastic straws for quite some time; however, the legislation will come into effect in roughly a year’s time.

As of Wednesday, May 16th, the city approved a ban on single-use straws as well as polystyrene foam cups and containers. The move is part of a comprehensive zero waste strategic plan: the Zero Waste 2040 Strategic Plan.

Specifically, the strategy includes bold actions to reduce use of plastic and paper bags, polystyrene foam take-out containers and cups, disposable hot and cold drink cups, take-out food containers, and disposable straws and utensils.

The ban comes into effect on June 1st, 2019.

Each week, 2.6 million paper cups are thrown in the garbage in Vancouver. In fact, these single-use cups and to-go containers constitute roughly half of all waste in local bins. What’s more, over 2 million plastic bags end up in the garbage each week.

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a major global issue. As a coastal city, the quality of the ocean, beaches and natural surroundings are of great importance to the city.

Plastic Straws Banned

Interestingly, people aren’t against this comprehensive plan. Although it may take some getting used to, it appears that they only need viable alternatives to make a change.

According to the City of Vancouver, 82% of Vancouver residents say they would be willing to pay more for single-use items that were reusable. Alternatively, they would pay more for items that could be recycled; they ask for help with their residential curbside program or apartment building recycling program.

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