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The Vancouver Art Gallery Becomes The Canvas, As Part of Façade Festival

Vancouver Art Gallery

Photo: @alessandra604 / Instagram

If you’ve passed by the Vancouver Art Gallery the last few days, you might have noticed that it’s gotten a bit of colour. As part of Façade Festival, the Vancouver Art Gallery will be covered in beautifully-coloured designs.

Running from Sunday, September 8th to Saturday, September 14th, artists will have their work projected onto the Georgia Street façade, covering the building with moving, dynamic artwork.

“Façade Festival is an immersive, large-scale artistic experience that will be shared by tens of thousands of attendees” reads the festival’s website.

These public art displays will be on from sunset to midnight each evening.

Façade Festival 2019 showcases the work of:

  • Dana Claxton
  • Sandeep Johal
  • Natalie Purschwitz
  • Howie Tsui
  • Bracken Hanuse Corlett
  • Justine Chambers
  • Josh Hite
  • Hyung-Min Yoon
  • Drew Young
  • Khan Lee
  • Lindsay McIntyre

Thousands of people are expected to take in these displays before the festival wraps up this weekend.

If you’re looking for more art, here are some local galleries you should definitely check out.


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