UBC Grad Society Launches New Site To Report Harassment

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UBC has been in the center of spotlight as of late, after failing to act on countless sexual assault allegations and letting down sexual assault victims.

While the institution is doing its best to spin the negativity, they’re still avoiding direct dealings with harassment and discrimination on campus. Helpless, students have decided to put to their foot down and with the university’s graduate student society, have launched a new website called “My Grad Story”.

The new digital platform encourages students to share their unfortunate campus experiences, whether it’s harassment or discrimination through the website’s online form, a private appointment, or by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

The society is hopeful that the new website will help collect information regarding students facing discrimination and harassment at UBC, and help aid the students – something UBC has reportedly failed to do in a timely manner.

The website launch comes a week after the graduate student society’s news conference, in which society members showed disappointment in UBC’s slow response and action to reports of sexual misconduct.

“The GSS is saddened by the traumatic occurrences experienced by some of our members, and we are inspired by the courage of Glynnis Kirchmeier, Catilin Cunningham, Kaitlin Russell and the leadership of the History Graduate Students Association,” said GSS president Tobias Friedel in a news release.

The stories of Kirchmeier, Cunningham, and Russell are horrific and it’s unfortunate to see that the university’s approach to dealing with the issues has been light. Fortunately, with the help of students and the GSS, students who face similar situations in the future will be able to receive the help they deserve.

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