40-lbs Of Trash Discarded At Joffre Lakes Leaves Visitor Appalled

trash joffre lake

Vince Emond was visiting the stunning Upper Joffre Lake area and was extremely disappointed to find a bunch of discarded trash littering the usually pristine area.

Emond took to Facebook to express his frustrations, after cleaning up around 40-lbs of other’s peoples trash.

First the Keyhole Hot Springs, now Joffre Lakes; our parks are getting destroyed. Devan Francis and myself carried…

Posted by Vince Emond on Monday, June 12, 2017


The trash covering the trails included everything from unwanted tarps to party cups.

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The popular Keyhole Hot Springs was recently shut down after visitors left unwanted food and trash in the area, causing it to be a common spot for bears to frequent. It became so unsafe, both the hot springs and park have been closed to all visitors until further notice.

Another recent post shared on social media showed an excessive amount of trash left on a dock in Cultus Lake after the May-long weekend.

With such an abundance of beauty in our province, it’s important we do our part and clean up after ourselves (or others if need be) to make sure natural areas stay that way.

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