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Transit Security Attendant Shoved By Cyclist During Morning Altercation

Vancouver Skytrain Stations

Bikes on trains, they’re convenient for cyclists and a take up room for other passengers. During today’s morning rush hour, an altercation broke out between a cyclist and SkyTrain security attendant.

The transit rider, with bicycle, was attempting to board the Expo Line from Gateway Station when he was stopped by the attendant. He ignored direction about bicycle restrictions during rush hour and followed up with a hearty shove past the officer to board before the doors closed. The attendant appeared uninjured and more appalled than surprised.

Bikes, including electric and folding ones, are indeed allowed on SkyTrain with a few restrictions at no additional cost. Capacity and time allotments are:

  • Canada Line: 1 bike per car, all hours, all directions
  • Expo & Millennium Lines: 2 bikes per car, all hours except rush hour times/directions

Rush hour times and directions

  • Monday – Friday, 7 to 9am (Westbound): Travelling from Columbia Station to VCC-Clark Station;
    and from Columbia and King George Stations towards
    Waterfront Station.
  • Monday – Friday, 4 to 6pm (Eastbound): Travelling from VCC-Clark Station to Columbia Station;
    and from Waterfront Station towards Columbia and
    King George Station.
  • *Times may be limited further without notice under the direction of SkyTrain staff.

Additional restrictions are:

  • No bikes with trailers
  • No bikes on escalators
  • No bikes longer than 185cm
  • No bikes at Metrotown station
  • No two-wheeled electric or gas-powered scooters

Additionally bike lockers and storage upgrades at major stations like King George and Main-Science World provide park & ride convenience for a monthly rental fee of $10/month.

TransLink was unable to comment on the matter.


By: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch



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