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Tire Slashers Damage 100 Cars In Burnaby & New Westminster

Tire slashers

The Thanksgiving holiday didn’t end on a sweet note for some unfortunate Metro Vancouver residents.

Tire slashers hit an estimated 100 vehicles in Burnaby and New Westminster over the long weekend.

Dozens of residents woke up on Monday morning to find their tires flat. The slashings took place on 12th Avenue, between Kingsway and Canada Way.

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One resident noticed her tires were slashed and then realized that two of her daughters tires were as well.

Another resident said that his daughter woke him up at 2:00 a.m. after she heard yelling and banging outside. He stepped outside and saw two men running away.

It didn’t take long for the neighbourhood residents to realize what happened as they gathered and discovered every vehicle on the road was with a flat tire or two.

The RCMP are currently looking for surveillance video of the area. They believe that a number of suspects could be involved.

This is just the latest incident to alarm local residents.

In late September, the Richmond RCMP said that there had been 29 residential break-ins reported between September 12th and September 18th.


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