The Latest Scoop On Rain or Shine Ice Cream’s Newest Mural

The Latest Scoop On Rain or Shine Ice Cream’s Newest Mural

Now not only can you enjoy a scoop (or two) of organic, homemade ice cream but can also gaze upon the newest addition to Rain or Shine Kitsilano’s shop wall.

A mural painted by Sarah Delaney captures much of Vancouver’s indecisiveness when it comes to weather patterns as well as the shop’s love for all things local including the people, the rain, the sunshine and the unique flavours the city has to offer.

Photo: Sarah Delaney

Rain, Clouds and Sunbeams

Location: 1926 West 4th Ave Vancouver 

Rain or Shine owners, Blair and Josie, are huge supporters of local art. Familiar with Sarah Delaney’s work from the 2017 Vancouver Mural Festival, they reached out to her in hopes of creating something colourful, stylish and fun for their blank shop wall. Little did they know, Sarah’s background in visual merchandising and interior design made her the perfect fit for this project.

Prior to beginning her work, Sarah studied the colour and scale of the Kitsilano shop. This led her to conceptualize an asymmetrical design balanced in both colour and shape. A project she calls, Rain, Clouds and Sunbeams. The mural’s abstract markings, hint at various weather elements. Many of which are familiar to a multitude of Metro Vancouverites living in the city and throughout the region. While shades of grey, purple and blue may allude to rain and clouds, it’s possible that bright hues of yellow and orange hint at some of Vancouver’s sunshine filled days.

Photo: Sarah Delaney

The Artist

Creating has always been a part of Sarah’s life. From a young age, she demonstrated her unique talent for art by engaging in many hands-on activities. This included building elaborate sandbox villages and designing detailed drawings of people, never forgetting to leave out backstories about who they were. Now Sarah is fully immersed in her career as an artist, living and painting in the city. She is taking charge of multiple projects, ranging from murals to showings of her latest collections.

Sarah’s art is rarely pre-sketched. Her abstract pieces rely on memory and intuition. Her work is about place and the environments she has experienced. This allows for a style of art that is both raw and organic. It captures the city as she sees and experiences it, imagining something new through colour, light and pattern. Doing so, Sarah has the ability to make obvious many small details, otherwise gone unnoticed by others through her work. Though she typically works on canvas and paper, the Rain or Shine mural gave Sarah the opportunity to switch up her painting muscles by creating a 20 foot design for locals to enjoy with their favourite flavours of ice cream.

Photo: Geron Malbas, Rain or Shine

The Ice Cream

Locations: 3382 Cambie Street, 6001 University Boulevard, West 4th Ave 

Starting with a home ice cream maker, Rain or Shine owners, Blair and Josie decided to bring a larger selection of ice cream flavours to the city. This desire led to the opening of Rain or Shine. A small shop with a large selection of delicious ice cream made from organic, chemical free, locally sourced ingredients.

Rain or Shine has played a positive role in the community. It is a friendly and inviting space where people of all ages can meet to enjoy the delicious smells, tastes, and sights of ice cream being made from scratch. The mural painted by Sarah Delaney has now become a part of this space, welcoming more guests than ever. It helps to connect community not just through unique flavours of ice cream but also through art. The aim of Rain or Shine is to make people happy by delivering quality products while supporting many local partners. Constantly inspired by new ingredients, Blair and Josie strive to keep everyone’s taste buds busy. Be sure to check out their menu this Christmas for the most current holiday flavours! 

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