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The Langley Twilight Drive In; A Summer Staple

This summer has flown by but there’s still plenty of fun to be had, a perfect place to go is the Langley Twilight Drive In.  Drive Ins have become obsolete since their peak at popularity in the 50’s but there still a few places where you can hang out under the stars and watch great movies. When you say drive in you think the movie Grease and old movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the big screen but the best part about this drive in is that it’s completely updated. You can go see today’s biggest movies like Wolverine or Elysium, but still watch it under a summer night’s sky, in the comfort of your car.

If the nostalgia of visiting a drive in theatre isn’t enough for you then maybe the price will help; its $12.50 per person and you can stay for all the movies being shown! On weeknights they show two movies and on weekends they show three. They always have the biggest movies there too, so what’s not to like about an incredible movie marathon.

Also if you’re a night owl, like myself, it’ll fit perfectly into your schedule. The food is definitely worth staying up for, they have a full concession stand where you can buy anything you would want, I recommended the delectably buttery popcorn.

There’s nothing like grabbing some good friends and hanging out in your car for a movie marathon under the stars. 260th Street and Fraser Hwy is where it’s located, it’s just off the beaten path enough that it’s quiet but still easy to get to. It’s a summer must do and when you’ve been once it’ll quickly become a summer staple for sure.

By Ashley Pothiboon

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