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The Juice Truck 3-Day Cleanse [Review]

The Juice Truck 3-Day Cleanse [Review]

Ready, Set, Juice!

I had never tried a juice cleanse prior to last weekend and needless to say—I was a little skeptical about it at first. I did some research on different products in the Vancouver area before finally deciding to take the plunge with The Juice Truck’s 3-day cleanse.

I chose this cleansing system because I had been to The Juice Truck before and enjoyed their smoothies. I was excited to try their cold-pressed juices that were designed to “push the reset button” on your digestive system. I also liked that they support local produce and organic farming practices.

They have a 3-day program (for beginners), a 5-day program (for repeat-cleansers) and a 7-day program (for experienced cleansers). The 3-day cleanse is supposed to help normalize digestion and make you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Ordering the juice was a simple process—I just selected which cleanse I wanted to do through their website. When placing your order, you can select which date you would like to begin the cleanse. You can either pick up the juice from their warehouse or it will be delivered right to your doorstep the night before (provided you live in the Vancouver area). It’s important to do a pre-cleanse before starting, which will help prepare your body for the cleanse and make it more enjoyable. This involves removing the following from your diet at least two days before you start cleansing: junk foods, greasy take-out, wheat products (bread and pastry), alcohol, tobacco, coffee, fatty foods, milk, cheese, red meat, chicken and pork.

There are six juices and one hemp milk that need to be consumed each day of the cleanse (there is a specific order in which to drink them). The 3-day juice cleanse includes the following flavours:

  • The Digestive (Cucumber, apple, spinach, celery, parsley, lemon).
  • The Base (Kale, cucumber, celery, pear, lemon, ginger).
  • The Energizer (E3Live, coconut water, pineapple, mint, ginger). A package of chia seeds is included to be added to this juice.
  • Refresh Tonic (Fennel, cabbage, cucumber, pear, aloe vera, ginger).
  • Protein Milk (Hemp seed, walnut, date, cinnamon, vanilla, filtered water).
  • Sleep Tonic (Pear, romaine, mint).
  • Skin Deep (Strawberry, kiwi, apple, lemon).

My favourites: The Energizer, this juice does exactly what it sets out to do; it boosted my energy and left me feeling revitalized. Skin Deep, this fruity blend is refreshing and by far the most delicious of them all.

My least favourites: The Base, I’m not a big fan of cucumbers—which was the main flavour I tasted, so it was a little hard for me to drink at times. Refresh Tonic, the mix of fennel, cabbage and cucumber wasn’t the tastiest blend of flavours in comparison with the others.

At first, I thought that doing the cleanse for only 3 days would be super easy. But, being a “foodie,” it was definitely a challenge. The first day I had lower energy levels and a headache, but that seemed to go away a bit on the second and third day. The juices did keep me mostly full, but I was still craving food (it doesn’t help when the people around you are cooking all of your favourite meals). Despite being a little moody, having chewing withdrawals, and dreaming of food truck cuisine—I managed to avoid the temptation.

Overall, the juice cleanse was a positive experience—it helped physically and mentally reset my body and was a great exercise in self-control. I dropped a few pounds, my skin is clearer and I generally feel healthier.

I would recommend The Juice Truck 3-Day Cleanse to anyone looking to give their body a break from all the unhealthy food choices we all make from time to time. This cleanse is $195 for 3 days (includes 21 juices, 3 packages of chia seeds and 1 bottle of Pro-biotic). Working out to nearly $10 a piece—the price may seem steep, but it is about on par with other cold-pressed juice companies in the Vancouver area.

For more information on The Juice Truck Cleanse, visit the website: thejuicecleanse.ca


Written by: Meagan Gill
Images via TheJuiceCleanse

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