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The Cirque Is In Town

Cirque Du Soleil is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy world-class entertainment in your own city. It’s a more sophisticated version of a circus show, minus the wild tigers and lions. The cast began their tour last on the 23rd of November, and will conclude it on the 13th of January. The shows are taking place at Concord Pacific Place, in Downtown Vancouver.

Cirque Du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company with a very unique and intriguing concept. Their shows never fail to be classy yet amusing. Each set of tours that they hold are based around a central theme or story; this round, it is called Amaluna.

The story takes place in a mystical land controlled by goddesses. When Queen’s daughter becomes of age, they held a ceremony and practice their rituals. This is when it turns into a love story. The daughter is proposed to by a young suitor, to which their love is put to the test. A series of trials must be overcome before they are recognized to be eligible to win!

Catch one of the many shows that are scheduled to perform!

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Written by: Samaa Abdalla

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