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Ted Talks in Vancouver May be Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Photo: urban_data/Flickr

The annual Ted Talks conference will not be going ahead in Vancouver as planned, due to the Coronavirus.

Organizers of the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference will make a decision on how to go forward, next week.

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“We’ve heard from many of you asking whether we intend to press ahead with Ted 2020,” said Ted curator Chris Anderson. “And the consensus of expert advice is that it would indeed be unwise to press ahead with the event in its current form in April.”

And to help them make that decision, organizers are asking the public for help. They can choose between two options. Ted Talks can either be postponed and happen in July instead or the event can be done online.

“We are not cancelling. We have two compelling options for how to outwit this virus,” said Anderson.

If voters choose the virtual option, the event will happen from April 20-24th, as planned.

Organizers did note that if the Coronavirus is still a threat by July, they may have to resort to the online option anyway. The public can make their vote online.

So far, more than 20 people in B.C. have been affected by the Coronavirus, with more than half of those announced this past week.

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