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TED Talks Are Back In Vancouver This April

Photo: TEDxPeachtree Team/Flickr

TED Talks are back in Vancouver April 10-14th, with this year’s theme being ‘The Age Of Amazement.’

A quick rundown of what TED Talks are: they originally started in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment, and Design came together and is shown globally in over 100 languages. It’s a non-profit organization with hopes of spreading inspiring and influential ideas.

Photo: urban_data/Flickr

This year’s theme, The Age Of Amazement, focuses on the positive changes that the future holds: positive change. In an era where politics, racism and tensions are running high, TED2018 will be focusing on the good. From technological advancements to social change, it’ll cover it all.

For more information regarding the five day conference, head here.

If you’re interested in further TED Talks, TEDxUBC is holding a student talk March 3rd. Learn more here.

TED Talks Vancouver 2018

Date: April 10-14th, 2018

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre

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