This BC Swimming Spot Has Gem Toned Waters

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Taylor RIver

British Columbia has an incredibly beautiful backyard, and Vancouver Island’s Taylor River is no exception.

With intoxicatingly blue-green, crystal clear waters, the river winds its way through lush, forested riverbanks. Along the way there are numerous places for visitors to enjoy suntanning, as well as a few spots with rope swings!

Specifically, the Taylor River Rest Area is the prime location to enjoy the river’s depth, while it moves more slowly.

This idyllic waterway is a perfect place to spend a summer’s day. What’s more, there are miles of hiking to enjoy along the tributary, so you can work up a sweat before braving its cold waters.

With that being said, its waters are not for the faint of heart – they are ice cold. So, you may need to don a wetsuit to enjoy copious amounts of swimming!

Taylor River

While the river is popular for summer swimming, it is also a salmon spawning ground. For this reason, visitors should ensure that they leave the area as they found it, and not interfere with the natural ecosystem.

Access to Taylor Arm Provincial Park is directly off Pacific Rim Highway 4, and there are 6 group campsites at the park.

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