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Taco Tuesdays: Where To Get Mexican in Vancouver

Taco Tuesdays: Where To Get Mexican in Vancouver

Taco Tuesdays: Where To Get Mexican in Vancouver

When a Mexican craving strikes, it can only be satisfied with layers of spice, topped with fresh spicy salsa wrapped in a warm tortilla shell. Luckily, there’s no shortage of taco deals in Vancouver, and a few hidden gems that pump out authentic Mexican flavour. Check out these local spots at least once a week and keep cravings for a fiesta at bay.


La Casita

Taco Tuesday

Always a classic in Vancouver Mexican dining, and at the top of many lists for their food portions. Also, they’re located right in the heart of downtown, making them the perfect place to grab tacos before a night on the town.


Taco Tuesdays: Where To Get Mexican in Vancouver

The Warehouse

Taco Tuesday / $4.95 menu

While The Famous Warehouse is certainly not known for their authentic mexican tacos, their $4.95 menu has tons of options -including tacos- as well as a cool, city atmosphere with really edgy and fun staff.


The Two Parrots

Taco Tuesday / hockey beers

The two parrots is a place to go catch some hockey, and get a cheap beer overtime the Vancouver Canuck’s score a goal. They also have a taco Tuesday with beef and fish options that are just begging for some hot sauce. El Diablo, anyone?


Taco Tuesdays: Where To Get Mexican in Vancouver


La Taqueria

6 for 4 Wednesday

La Taqueria is a front-runner because they nail every category in their small spot on Broadway. The staff are incredibly friendly and enthusiastic, and the tacos are off the hook. Try the Pollo Con Mole, or even one of their vegetarian options and you’ll find it easier than you thought to put down six tacos in one sitting.


Chronic Tacos

Taco Tuesday

Before getting extremely popular Chronic Tacos was the place to go, coined by their battered and fried Baja fish taco. Now they’ve expanded and you can get their tacos in more places than ever.  They have a bit more of a mexicali style but their taco’s are definitely worth mentioning.

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