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Taco Bell Is Introducing Futuristic Restaurants With 4 Drive-Thru Lanes

taco bell drive-thru

Photo: Taco Bell

A new drive-thru concept proposed by Taco Bell is unlike anything anyone has seen before.

While it isn’t exactly known to be innovative, Taco Bell is pushing some barriers with their latest proposal and everyone is excited. If approved, the first new concept drive-thru location will be opening in Minnesota next year.

If successful, the company has plans to roll out the designs across North America. If you’ve been to any of the seven local locations, it’s fair to see nearly all of them are in need of a makeover.

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New Taco Bell Drive-Thru

The new design features a 4-lane drive-thru in a 2-story, 3,000sq-ft building. The cool thing is that 3 of those lanes will be completely dedicated to mobile and/or delivery order pickups.

With online orders surging, this design will allow quicker access for those who want to skip the line and pick-up a pre-order made through their mobile device.

fast food drive thru future
Photo: Taco Bell

In addition, anyone that orders through the mobile app will have a digital check-in screen and scan their order via a unique QR code. Once customers pull up to get their food, they will receive their order through a proprietary lift system.

The entire experience will be handled by technology, and 2-way audio and video.

future of taco bell
Photo: Taco Bell

If the concept is successful, would you want to see it rolled out across Metro Vancouver locations? Let us know in the comments below!


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