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Surrey Creep Catchers Confront And Attack Alleged Pedophile (Video)

Surrey Creep Catchers

While the Surrey Creep Catchers underwent an investigation by the RCMP back in February, they haven’t given up their cause.

A video surfaced on Reddit this week of the group confronting an alleged pedophile. In the video, one of the catchers confronts the man, accusing him of wanting to meet with a 13-year-old girl.

The man begins to walk away, but a second catcher runs into the action and suckerpunches the man on back of the head.


Surrey Creep Catchers and The Law

Although he doesn’t fall down, the hit raises a great deal of questions. Many people support the vigilante group and their mission; however, they are taking the law into their own hands as citizens, and not police officers. This raises some eyebrows, and the RCMP are not behind such behaviour.

The group poses as underage girls online in order to lure suspected pedophiles to a meeting place where they confront them about their motives.

In May, Ryan LaForge, the president of the group, was charged with two counts of assault.

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