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Surrey Creep Catchers Are Under Investigation

Surrey Creep Catchers

Photo: City of Surrey

Surrey Creep Catchers, a controversial vigilante group is reportedly under investigation.

The province’s privacy watchdog recently launched a probe into the group after receiving a complaint about their conduct.

Details about the complaint or investigation remain scarce, but was confirmed by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.


According to their Facebook page, Surrey Creep Catchers “are here for the protection of all children from an ongoing epidemic. … pedophilia. We replace a potential child with ourselves love it or hate it SCC”.

The local group is part of the Creep Catchers Canada network that recently announced expansion into the United States.

In a short amount of time, the Surrey Creep Catchers have been responsible for a number of livestreamed stings. Among others, the most noteworthy stings include an elementary principle and even an RCMP officer.

Potential Legal Problems

In a statement to News1130, Vancouver lawyer Paul Dororshenko suggested the investigation could lead to the end of the SCC.

In essence, the Surrey Creep Catchers are responsible for exposing a lot of predators. On the contrary, they’ve also gone against the BC Personal Information Protection Act which rules against collecting and publishing information without telling someone why it’s being collected. Violating the act can lead to fines up to $100,000 as a result.

“If you collect information you have to be forthcoming about why you’re collecting it, and if you’re disseminating information that you’ve collected before you do it. They’re sending emails or messages or direct messages or what have you back and forth with the people they’re trying to trap.” said Dororshenko. “Myself, and pretty much every other lawyer I know has been looking at it apprehensively thinking this is something that could backfire on them.”

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