RCMP Issue Arrest Warrant For Surrey Creep Catchers President

creep catchers

The Surrey RCMP have issued a warrant for arrest for Ryan Laforge, the President of the Surrey Creep Catchers. In addition, the RCMP has charged LaForge for two counts of assault. Member Lance Loy is also facing an assault charge.

The charges come following an investigation launched last month after two Creep Catcher “stings” turned physical in the 10100 block of King George Boulevard.

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According to the RCMP, police responded to a confrontation on April 3 between Laforge and another man who was the target of a sting operation. Laforge confronted the man who was reportedly soliciting a six-year-old girl for sex.

LaForge was arrested at the scene for uttering threats. The other man was also arrested and later charged with child luring.

On April 19, the police were called to another Surrey Creep Catchers sting on the same block. The RCMP arrested one man for alleged child luring, as well as Loy. Laforge reportedly fled the scene before police arrived. Police are also investigating a third man who was present at the scene but is yet to be identified.

Caution: Video below contains course language.

The Creep Catchers are an active vigilante group that poses as minors online in an effort to expose alleged child predators. All sting operations are filmed and posted to their social media pages. 

Since launching, the group has created a lot of controversy both in the eyes of the public and the police.

The charges laid have yet to be proven in court.

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