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Creep Catchers Nabs Elementary School Principal

Creep Catchers

Photo: Creep Catchers

Ever heard of the vigilante group Creep Catchers?

Their name is a definite giveaway about the type of work they do within the community.

For their latest attempt at “creep catching”, The Fraser Valley Creep Catchers Facebook page posted about “James”, a 33-year-old male on October 21st, 2016.

Not only did James speak with two decoys he believed to be 14 and 15 year-old girls, he had planned to meet up with one of the “girls” at a mall in Abbotsford to have sex with her.

Creep Catchers’ Facebook posts says, “Over several weeks “James” communicated to what he thought was a pair of two underage girls aged 14 and 15. He promised to become their ‘daddy’ and referred to himself as such. ‘Daddy’ would refer to them as “sexy, cute, beautiful” and offered to take them on shopping trips and buy one of the decoys a new phone to make up for him having second thoughts on our first meet and bailing.”

You can watch the video below of their encounter with “James” – shot on October 14th, 2016.

Thanks to social media, the man was identified as the Principal of an Elementary School in Mission.

The school board is aware of the allegations against “James”, and has been in touch with authorities. Abbotsford Police are expected to address the video.

Although Creep Catchers practices controversial work, they have been successful in nabbing suspects. Their work has been criticized by police who believe they could be putting themselves and criminal investigations at risk.

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