Connect With Nature And Go Forest Bathing On This Lush Trail in B.C.

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forest bathing

The art of forest bathing is a popular Japanese tradition also known as ‘Shinrin-Yoku’. It’s a form of therapy, but set amongst the lush greenery of a forest.

It’s not a hike, but rather a relaxing walk through a forest. Many studies show that by simply spending time in nature you can reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Whether you go alone or with a group, forest bathing allows you to immerse yourself in nature and become fully present in the moment.

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There are many stunning trails across BC that would be an enchanting place to forest bathe, including this spot on the Sunshine Coast.

L O O K  U P ⬆️ . S L O W D O W N ⬇️ . E X P L O R E ➡️ . . We often go through life with our heads down.  Watching one foot in front of the other, or with our eyes glued to our screens rushing through our day.  I've even noticed myself going for a run or walk and never looking up from the path in front of me (I mean, I would surely trip and fall if I didn't watch where I was going). Don't get home and realize you never once stopped to LOOK UP and see everything around you.  Even if it means taking that 30 second break on your run, you'll still burn just as many calories!  Take a breath and appreciate the beauty around you, breathe in that fresh air, and if you're working on self love… say something you love about yourself OUT LOUD. Oh did this turn into a self love exercise?  Oops. Try it though! . . . . . . . #hiking #hikebc #explorebc #breath #explore #lookup #slowdown #selflove #loveyourself #livewell #getoutside #pnw #pnwlife #pnwgirl #girlsandtheirdogs #sunshinecoast #coastlife #westcoastbestcoast #nature

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Hidden Groves features a network of trails full of enormous Douglas Fir trees, situated just north of Sechelt.

The magical spot allows you to completely immerse yourself in the wilderness with its old growth forests and marsh wetland.


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The Douglas Fir trees are so huge, some measure in at 27-feet in circumference.

The lush greenery and easy trail walks make it the ultimate spot to escape into the serene wilderness and enjoy the silence of nature.

Giant trees 🌲 #hiddengrove #britishcolumbia #sunshinecoastbc

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Hidden Groves

Where: Located 2.5-hours from Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast, just north of Sechelt

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