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10 Daily Struggles Any Public Transit User Can Relate To

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Public transit is essential for many; it plays a big role in how a lot of people get around.

Sure transit is helping the fight in reducing pollution and yes, it can get you to and from places conveniently…some of the time.

Other times, it can make you want to scream at the top of your lungs, but there are people watching so you’re forced to scream on the inside. 

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The Daily Struggle

Here are 10 struggles any transit user can relate to:

  1. Waiting for a bus that doesn’t show up – Did I miss it? Was it late? Was it early? Oh look, there are three buses coming my way…20 minutes later.

2. Taking transit in the rain or worse, snow.  

3. When people don’t take off their backpacks in a packed bus.

4. When people decide not to offer their seat to a senior.

5. When people don’t move out of your way to let you off the bus.

6. When people sit in the aisle seat and leave the window seat empty – I don’t get it.

7. Body Odour / Too much perfume.

8. Not enough service.

9. A lack of affordability for monthly passes.

10. Being so close to the person next to you on a crowded bus that their hair gets in your mouth. No? This hasn’t happened to anyone else? Perhaps you’ve heard of this myth:

Look, transit is a great way to get around, some of the time, but it can also be a pain. So, let’s all try to be better because our sanity depends on it.

Tell us your transit horror stories.


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