Someone In Vancouver Created A Board Game And It’s Made Of Dim Sum

Someone In Vancouver Created A Board Game And It’s Made Of Dim Sum

Board game lovers can feast their eyes on an all-new game dedicated to dim sum.

Created by Vancouver-based company Hot Banana Games, this competitive tabletop game offers an authentic cultural experience that is both fun and adorable.

Similar to the real dim sum experience, it is all about getting the right pieces onto your plate.

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The game titled “Steam Up” is suitable for ages 14+ and can accommodate 2-5 players. Also similar to the real meal, one game can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

The idea of the game is simple: it’s a dim sum restaurant that only serves a limited quantity of their most popular dim sum everyday.

Players can become one of 12 animal characters, all with unique abilities. They’ll have to prepare and compete to devour as much dim sum as possible, leaving the table with the fullest stomach.

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The board game is brought to life by creators Pauline and Marie, who great up in Hong Kong and then moved to Canada.

Back in the day, dim sum use to be a weekly tradition for many families, bringing people together over a rotating table full of delicious food. This game aims to bring back the same fun interactions while competing over who gets the last bite.

The playing pieces actually features steaming baskets and popular dim sum dishes, making feel like the real thing. There’s also a rondel turntable participants can rotate, as players compete for different edible opportunities.


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Hot Banana Games is an indie company developing Asian-themed board games. And Steam Up will be on Kickstarter on Oct. 19, receiving donations to bring the game to the dim sum loving masses.


Steam Up

When: Coming to Kickstarter on Oct. 19, 2021


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