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5 Of The Spiciest Dishes In Vancouver To Warm You Up This Winter

spiciest dishes in vancouver

When the cold weather hits, check out the spiciest dishes in Vancouver to warm you back up again. Nothing beats comfort food in the middle of Winter.

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Spiciest Dishes In Vancouver

Red Spicy Ramen at Ramen Butcher


They whip up some of the best ramen in the city. Dig into Ramen Butcher’s signature dish—the Red Spicy Ramen with spicy garlic paste for $11.75. Choose from three levels of spiciness to get the perfect amount of kick for your liking. They’re located at 223 East Georgia Street.


The Bobby Wing at Wings


It’s the hottest chicken wing in town, if you’re brave enough to try it—because it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s so hot you actually have to sign a waiver before attempting this tongue-burning wing. If you’re thinking of taking it on, consider getting a lot of milk to wash it down with. They have multiple locations across Metro Vancouver.

Nashville Hot Chicken at Downlow Chicken Shack


Their signature creation is Nashville Hot Chicken and as its name suggests—it’s very hot. But it has the perfect kick to it to warm you up on a cold day. Get two pieces of chicken and a side for $12 or a hot chicken sandwich with a side for $16. Grab a bite at 905 Commercial Drive.

Sichuan Thousand Chili Chicken at Peaceful Restaurant


For $14.95, order up this spicy dish at one of the best restaurants in Vancouver. It is consisted of crispy chicken stir-fried with dried peppers, tongue-tingling peppercorns, garlic, ginger and green onion. Make a stop here and let this dish warm you right up at 2394 West 4th Avenue, 602 Seymour Street, 43 East 5th Avenue and 534 West Broadway.

Vindaloo Goan at Spicy Six Indian Restaurant


If spicy is in the name, it’s definitely going to be spicy. Dig into a variety of delicious and spicy Indian dishes at this joint. Their Vindaloo Spicy Goan ($17) is a fiery dish that’ll wake up your taste buds. It’s a popular Indian delicacy consisting of roasted spices and gravy with your choice of chicken, lamb or prawns. Check them out at 1116 Robson Street.


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