Richmond’s New SoyTalk Dessert Shop Is A Dream Come True


If you haven’t checked out the newly-opened SoyTalk yet—now is the time. They’ve been open for a few months and offer up some incredible soy-based desserts for those looking for a healthier treat.

Soy-based desserts are a good alternative to traditional dairy-based desserts. So you can indulge in some sweets, guilt-free.

Their menu has a variety of soy ice cream, in matcha, chocolate, black sesame and mango flavours.

They have their signature soy pudding and a brown sugar soy pudding that can be topped off with taro, red bean, peanuts and more.


Photo: @soytalk/Instagram

For soy milk drinks, they have oreo, rose, taro, red bean, green bean and matcha (and you can add their signature boba).

Last but not least, they also offer a selection of paninis, including chicken, shrimp, strawberry boba and tuna.


When: Open daily noon to 11 p.m.

Where: 1410-4380 No. 3 Road, Richmond

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